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What we do

Communication and Partnership
We take the time to get to know our clients and work hard to deliver successful outcomes.  Our process is a collaborative one.  Our business is about partnerships. We value our relationships greatly and we hope we can have fun together along the way whilst delivering great results.
We Communicate

Design Led Focus

Based in Auckland, our design team are specialists in their fields.  With Product Design and CAD Drawing capabilities the team can offer 3D fully rendered presentations bringing ideas to life.  Our team are collaborators and look for innovative solutions with every challenge bought to them.  We are very proud to have such a dedicated and skilled team in this area.

NZ Manufacturing Division
Based in Wellington our manufacturing team are about making the vision a reality.

We offer full CNC, powder coating, wet-spray, welding, acrylic fabrication, digital printing, panel conversion for MDF and ACM, edge banding and assembly services.

We have the ability to make anything from acrylic, glass, steel, aluminium and MDF or wood substrates.  This gives us the flexibility to choose the materials that will create the ideal solution for your vision.  We also have an offshore procurement service which means there is little that we cannot do for our clients in-house.

We Deliver
Project Management, Installation & Full Turn-Key Service

When we combine the skills of design and manufacture we are able to offer very cost effective solutions.

Once we have designed and manufactured, we also have the ability to project manage through to installation and provide a full ‘turn-key’ service if this is desired.

We recognise that every customer’s needs are different and we are happy to assist in any way we can; whether it be merchandising, fixtures, signage or a full project delivery.  Our aim is to make our clients retail environment vision a success.
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