RD design intern: Maddie

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Maddie joined RD for an internship as part of her Diploma in Applied Interior Design at Unitec. It was fantastic having her here and allowing her the opportunity to get real experience working on some of our exciting projects. 

If you'd like a similar internship opportunity be it in design, or on the factory floor, we'd love to hear from you to see how we could help you with your studies. Contact us here

See what Maddie has to say ...

What inspired you to study to become an interior designer?

Interior Design is something I have been interested in, at nine years old my parents let me choose the new wall colours for my bedroom and that definitely sparked something within me - granted I chose lime green and a yellow feature wall (which got very old very fast), but the creativity that projects like that bring out of you has always been very exciting for me.

Through your studies to date, what has been your stand out moment/project that epitomises why you enjoy this career/study path?

A recent assignment involved creating a retail store for Ponsonby Road; I designed a Dog Grooming Salon modeled on a men’s barber shop. Commercial Interior Design is more fun to me as it is a chance to be really creative, like using knotted rope dog toys to suspend shelving in my assignment was just so cool, and something I wish was actually going to become real!

When commencing a brief, what are the key questions you ask yourself before you get stuck in to the project?

I think one of the most important parts is making sure you understand the personality of the client/brand so that you can try and embody that in your designs. Plus, consider how limiting your deadline is, because timing is everything and you need to make sure your ambitions are realistic.

Do you have a mentor, or someone/something that helps drive your enthusiasm?

Interior Design television shows! Most recently I've been watching 'The Great Interior Design Challenge' and I catch myself getting a bit too into it and thinking of things I would have done differently - and I force my friends to watch it so that we can discuss ideas.

How would you define your design style?

My style can’t be defined by just one category as it can change with the weather. But regardless, I always like to include greenery in my designs to freshen it up and bring in some oxygen! I always like introducing pops of colour into a space, and a room that takes a risk with colour is always more impactful and satisfying than one that is too safe.

What mediums do you find most helpful as part of your research process?

Pinterest is always a great one, and I follow a few designers and companies on lnstagram which give great inspiration - one of my favourite accounts is @designseeds which puts together colour palettes based on an image – a great source of inspiration for both colours and the mood portrayed in the images.

On approaching RD for an internship placement, what was it about our business that caught your attention?

Given my interest in commercial interior design, RD’s portfolio with the inclusion of banks really stood out to me. Banks are usually such a dreary place to go, but by applying effort into the design and fit-out, it changes the feel completely, and that to me is what Interior Design is all about - making places appealing and pleasant with the ability to uplift a person's mood instantly, and who doesn't want that!

What would your ideal project to work on be?

I have always been very intrigued by hotel design because you have so many rooms to play with that will all be slightly varied, and hotels can often get away with being super funky!

During your time at RD, what is your key take away insight that will help you in the future?

The myriad of computer programmes out there to produce work for clients in. To be able to use many different ones would give you the upper hand, especially when workplaces have different preferences.

All the best with your degree Maddie!